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Creating Your Brand

Hundreds of hours of work go into designing and creating a vaping brand before you can bring it into production.  Turning your idea into something that can be marketed isn't easy...

Building Your Brand

Once you have developed your product and it makes it through production, the real work begins.  You now have to get develop everything around your brand, and ultimately sell it.  Designing and implementing a website alone is not enough.

Marketing Your Brand

Targeted marketing through key industry influencers and websites is really the only way to build your brand within the vaping industry today.  With laws and regulations, traditional advertising methods are not available.

We Can Help You Effectively Advertise Your Brand

You can market your brand in one of several ways within the vaping community.  First and foremost, you can advertise directly in vaping magazines or vaping forums.  You can also use influencers within the vaping community and advertise or hire them to post about your brand through their website or social media,

The third option, which is most effective, is direct advertising on a well known and well established wholesale or retail distribution website.  This is where we come in.  We work with our individual brands to properly and effectively promote their brand, targeting the advertising segments that best fit their needs.

We currently assist our brand in placing their advertisements across our targeted wholesale and retail websites.  By placing ads in this manner, your advertising investment is seen by literally tens of thousands of potential customers each month.  These potential customers can directly click on your advertising and place an order for your product immediately and without the need to visit a third party website.  The purchase can be made for multiple quantities, multiple products, or product lines.  Your ad is also being seen by one of two very specific customer types, wholesale buyers or retail buyers.  They are there for a specific reason, to purchase product.  Whereas in a magazine, forum, or social media website, the conversion rates are significantly lower because their visitors may not necessarily be there for the purpose of purchasing products.

Give one of our brand specialists a call today to discuss your brand promotional needs. We have experienced experts that can assist you in designing the right promotion for you and your company. Your brand marketing will be tailored to fit your needs and we will help you grow your business and build your brand.

105 Route 109 • East Farmingdale • NY 11704 info@thevapecompanies.com (631) 249-8273